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Hsin Chong Aster
Building Services Ltd.

Hsin Chong Center
6th Floor, 107-109 Wai Yip Street,
Kwun Tong, Kowloon,
Hong Kong
Tel : 852 - 2579 8238
Fax : 852 - 2564 0793
E-mail: infohcaster@hcg.com.hk

Hsin Chong E&M
Engineering (Asia) Ltd

We extremely suggest to use the above E-mail for Inquiry Purposes Only.
TENDER INVITATION DOCUMENTS MUST BE directed to our Fax No. 25640793.
Please contact our TENDER Department through telephone
numbers 25798417 and 25798960 for assistance.

Please send your Application via email: recruit.hca@hcg.com.hk



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