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[ 5 PROJECT(S) ]
  A Primary School in Area 27 and A Primary and Secondary Schools in Area 101, Tin Shui Wai

ACMV installation consists of zero ozone depletion refrigerant type VRV with heat pump, split type air conditioning systems.

Electrical installation consists of 3 nos. 3,200A L.V. Main Switchboard, lightings and power systems, stage lighting and engineering work, extra low voltage call bell, class changing bell, video door phone, telephone public address, broadcast reception, computer network and earthing and lightning protection system.

  Chun Wah Road Indoor Game Hall-Phase 5(Pkg. C)

ACMV installation consists of 2 nos 50 tonnes cooling capacity DX AHU, 2 sets of 11 tonnes cooling capacity VRV complete with heat pump, desiccant type dehumidifier, mechanical ventilation and the associated electrical services, fire services and the renovation builders work.
  Second Primary School in Area 31, Tin Shui Wai

ACMV installation consists of split type A/C unit fresh air pre-conditioner outdoor VRV units and indoor unit.

Electrical installation consists of nos of LV switchboard, power and lighting, video door phone, cabling facilities for computer network, security and alarm system and stage lighting system.

Fire Services installation consists of fire hydrant and hose reel system, automatic fire alarm and detection system and portable equipment.

  Government Departmental Quarters

Electrical installation consists of lighting fitting, small power, main and sub-main power distribution.
  Customs Building

ACMV installation consists of 4 nos air cooled chiller totalled 399 tonnes, PAU, FCU, ventilation for carpark area and store rooms and VRV for the Dog Kennel area.

Electrical installation consists of 1 no. 2500A LV Main cubicle, lighting, power, earthing, lightning protection, emergency call system, and security system.

Fire Services installation consists of sprinkler, fire hydrant and hosereel system, manual fire alarm, visual fire alarm and addressable automatic fire detection and alarm system, portable fire extinguishers and FM 200 Gaseous Extinguishing Total Flooding System.


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